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When was the last time up updated your home’s decor? A recent survey showed that 47% of people living in the United States haven’t done so in the past five years. This is even more surprising when you consider that only-one-out-of-five Americans are happy with their home decor and 14% claim that they feel gloomy and stressed when they look at their home furnishings and decor.

If your home decor doesn’t reflect your personality, taste, or lifestyle, and you’re planning to redecorate, you may be looking for a few ideas to get started. There are, of course, different styles from which to choose. A recent survey showed that Americans are decorating their homes in the following styles:

    Traditional: 44%
    Modern: 22%
    Eclectic: 13%
    Country: 10%
    Global: 2%

It’s interesting to note that 65% of women and 58% of men would rather shop for home decor and furnishings than for shoes. Furthermore, men are more likely to take time off from work to engage in home-decorating and other DIY projects. The survey found that 55% of men and 45% of women would take a week off from work for these types of projects.

Depending on how much time you spend at home every day, you may want to spend even more time once all these projects are completed. A recent survey showed that on a daily basis, 36% of people spend five-to-eight waking hours in their home. Others, approximately 26%, spend 9-to-12 waking hours at home every day.

While some people may not be able to spend as much time at home due to their work or travel schedules, others may not because of an active outdoor lifestyle. In 2010 alone, for example, there were over 123 million people living in coastal communities. In addition to snorkeling, swimming, and surfing, many residents of these communities may engage in sailing, yachting, and other ocean-centered activities.

When you live in a coastal area, it’s clear you have an obvious love for the ocean. When redecorating your home, why not go with nautical decor? Just imagine the relaxing and refreshing environment you will create with these and other choice pieces of nautical decor:

    Antique diving helmets
    Armillary globe
    Armillary sphere
    Copper diving helmet
    Life preserver
    Nautical barometer
    Nautical telescope
    Nautical wheel
    Pirate decor
    Porthole clock
    Ship figurehead
    Wall mounted bell

As you begin adding pieces of nautical decor to your living room, kitchen, den or deck, you may discover that you’re inspired to purchase new furniture, window treatments, and other household accoutrements. Once you have everything in place, you’ll likely discover how much more you enjoy being in your home. Helpful sites.

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July 2024
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