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Clothing donations

According to research 70% of people in the U.S. give to charity each year with an annual value of $666.1 billion is contributed to the US economy by non-profits. When it comes to donating it?s not just about money it also about old items such as clothes you may not wear anymore. While it may not look like it, being a part of the red cross clothes donation has many benefits not so known to many.

Let?s take a look at the added benefits to participating in the red cross clothes donation.

You?re A Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself
Donating some old and possibly worn out clothing may not seem like much but in reality it makes a whole lot of difference. Americans consume nearly 20 billion garments a year. That?s 68 garments and 7 pairs of shoes per person or more than one piece of clothing purchased per week. Think about all of the people who are in need of clothing, especially children. Most Americans dislike wearing the same outfit twice. Many of the clothing donations make there way to different parts of the world to people who are much less fortunate. The red cross clothes donation program has become an integral part of charitable work all over the globe.

You?re Setting An Example For Others
If you have young children or relatives, showing them that you are part of the red cross clothes donation shows a great example of how to give back to others. This is a great way to get more people involved and help those less fortunate. It highly likely that they will be influenced by your generosity and take part in the red cross donations as soon as they are able to.

American Red Cross Clothing Donations Help Relieve Landfills
Landfills are extremely bad for the environment as well as the city budget which allocates several millions of dollars per year in order to maintain these landfills. Not to mention the simple fact that a lot of the waste that are tossed usually end up in the street rather than the landfills themselves. Red cross pickup program will take your used clothing donations and give them to someone who needs them. Donating your clothes will help to keep the environment and your community much cleaner and safer.

You?ll Feel Much Better Yourself
Giving back to those in need is possibly the best feeling in the world. It helps you realize that the slightest act of kindness can mean the world to someone else. When you donate clothes to red cross you?ll bring a high level of positive energy into your life knowing that you?ve shared what you can with others.

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July 2024
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