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A couple is fighting the NPPD over their ranchland and their right to survey.

The Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) recently has been involved in a dispute over a proposed high-voltage line across a Nebraska ranch couple’s land.

Dan and Barbara Welch of Thedford’s Brush Creek Ranch said that survey crews from the NPPD trespassed onto their property after agreeing that they would not step foot on their land. The Welches filed a lawsuit claiming the utility had no legal right to enter their property or ranch.

The NPPD argued that Nebraska state law does, in fact, allow their employees access to enter private land for surveying.

We’ve been following those statutes,” Mark Becker, NPPD spokeman said to

However the suit filed by the Welches and attorney, Dave Domina, stated that the family met with NPPD officials in early April and both sides agreed that the survey crews would not enter onto their property without first going to court.

A few days after the meeting, the Welches placed chains and locks on their property line’s gates, they discovered that they had locked in the survey crew.

NPPD officials said the R-Project line is estimated to cost $361 million and will allow for wind carrying energy, relieve transmission congestion, and improve the power grid’s reliability.

All this excitement, of course, is shining a negative light on the U.S. agriculture industry, which brings in approximately $2 trillion to the U.S. economy every year.

Agricultural production occurs in all 50 states, and it’s nice to see Nebraska ranchers fight for their property. More people need to do the same.

There is plenty of ranchland for sale and other agricultural properties across the United States that are available if you’re looking to join the agro production industry.

The average agro property in the U.S. is around 435 acres, but there are plenty of cattle ranches for sale in Texas, ranchland for sale in Nebraska, and other luxury ranches available in California and Wyoming that are much larger than that.

There are always issues with property law that’s why it’s important to stay in touch with qualified real estate professionals who can advise you through complicated issues, like the one the Welches are currently facing.

Be sure to do your research before you look through various ranchland for sale across the country. See this link for more.

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July 2024
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