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It can be frightening to think about all of the germs that are lingering around the office in which you work. Even though door knobs, break room furniture, and other items that employees share are the most disgusting to think about, most people would be horrified enough by the number of germs thriving in the own “private” work spaces.

According to a recent study, your own desk, office chair, and computer keyboard could be harboring more than 20,000 germs per square inch. Now, if you are talking about computer keyboards and mouses that office workers share, then those items will have just as many germs as refrigerators, bathroom sinks, vending machines, office telephones, drinking fountains, and door knobs.

Regardless of how many people have access to certain objects, it is always best to have them wiped down and cleaned with at least an all purpose disinfectant. The cleaning agent could be a bleach disinfectant or hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, just as long as it will kill most of the germs in which it comes into contact. This is particularly important for drinking fountains, as they have been found to contain more than 2.5 million germs per square inch!

Since your work desk could be a breeding ground for as many as 10 million different kinds of bacteria, you need to protect yourself with the best bleach disinfectant possible. Studies show that everything from the common cold to the most severe flu strains are passed around through unwashed hands. By cleaning your work area with a leading disinfectant spray, you can give yourself the best chance to get through the winter flu-free.

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June 2024
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