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Hiring a maid service

To live a clean life is to lead a healthy life. When you’re tied up, though, sometimes it’s all you can do to just keep your sink clear of dirty dishes. Dependable house cleaning is needed more than ever in these busy times and something you should invest in whether you’re a stay-at-home mother or owner of a small business. Mold, dust, pollen, dirt and clutter are a slow and steady recipe for disaster, contributing to higher rates of illness and more sick days taken. Even basic cleaning services can do more harm than good if they use dangerous household chemicals.

Learn the difference between a dependable house cleaning service and a well-intended flub so you can reap the benefits of clean living.

It’s not hard to find good cleaning services in the United States. There are nearly 900,000 maids working part-time and full-time across the country, with some specializing in small office cleaning and others focusing on domestic environments. A family that cleans on a daily basis will gain back 730 hours (that’s 30 days a year) when they hire a cleaning service. Despite this, only 55% of homeowners will actively deep clean their carpet as often as the EPA recommends and many people find themselves breathing in harmful chemicals that are supposed to keep them safe.

People love to work, study and relax in a clean environment. Psychological studies even suggest that cluttered and dirty spaces can contribute to less-than-savory emotional states. Employees who function in a clean office space have an 80% reduced possibility of catching the flu or the common cold. Regular office cleaning can reduces absenteeism by nearly 50%. Likewise, constant dust exposure can affect workers’ cognitive skills by more than 6% and keep them from reaching their full potential. Dependable house cleaning and green office cleaning services are less a luxury and more a necessity to keep you feeling your best.

For those that live at home, smart daily habits will help immensely with preventing the accumulation of a filthy environment that runs you down. Turn on your bathroom exhaust fan or open a window while you’re showering to prevent mold build-up once you’re finished. Try to give your fridge a nice scrub every three weeks or so to keep food from spoiling when you least expect. Counters and doorknobs, on the other hand, need more frequent attention because of constant interaction. Switching out the filters in your air conditioning system can also keep your air cleaner. When in doubt? Just hire an apartment cleaning service.

Not all household cleaning chemicals are made the same. A dependable house cleaning service will know this intrinsically. It’s thought there are as many as 150 toxic substances linked to cancer that float around in our homes as a result of careless cleaning product exposure. In fact, an EPA study concluded that toxic chemicals in household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air. This has led to the rise of green cleaning services that actively seek out simple and safe products to eliminate bacteria instead of adding to the problem. The sales of green cleaning products have skyrocketed by 35% over the past few years.

Cleaning products are often listed as 100% vegan to indicate no animal testing as well as no animal by-products. It’s a good idea to double-check the labels of even verified green cleaning products to make sure you’re not putting any chlorine or ammonia in the air. Combining these two at the same time can even create a very toxic fume with long-term side-effects. Simple ingredients like baking soda, lemon and basic soaps go a long way in killing bacteria while keeping you safe. Hiring a daily maid service or monthly house cleaning services should know exactly what to use and what not to use.

It feels good to be clean. Hire a spring cleaning service and see just how good yourself.

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April 2024
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