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Last summer at this time you felt like you were the only family who was not at a pool or a lake. When Fourth of July rolled around last year, you felt like you were forever going to be sitting home, with the only option to join an expensive private pool or swim with the masses at a public pool. Wanting to be among the company of adults, but not to party like there was no tomorrow was the biggest reason that you had felt left out. You had plenty of invitations to celebrate Independence Day in the past, but you were never a fan of all of the alcohol that was served and the implications of so many people drinking when they are around water and children.

Taking matters into your own hands, by the middle of July last year you made the decision to build a pool for yourself, and add it to the already well used custom gazebo space that has already played an important part in your backyard and your lives. You and your wife love to entertain, but you are not drinkers. And while that is not always a problem, the Fourth of July and other summer time parties have not always been easy.

Finding the Right Party Space Is Not Always Easy

With the use of custom gazebos and other backyard structures, families can create their own paradise. Their own space where they can have a little more control about the activities that go on. Throw in a pool with a backyard that already includes custom gazebos and you have an outdoor living and entertaining space that never gets old. Whether you enjoy this space just with your family or with a big group of family and friends, when you host a party in your own space you often feel more at ease.

From garden sheds for storing pool toys to pool house designs that include showers, air conditioning, and television, property owners who have the means to create their own spaces never have to wonder where the next party will be at.

If you make an investment in custom gazebos, outdoor sheds, or pool houses, it is important to realize that they building that you create or order will last from 15 to 20 years, so it is always to your advantage to consider the amount of space that you need now and then add an additional 25% for later. Who knows how many people will be coming to your party next Fourth of July? You just might need the room .

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March 2024
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