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There are plenty of fun ways to personalize a home. One option for home personalization is home theater systems, but it can be very easy to make one of these common mistakes.

The most common mistake is installing the wrong screen size. Make sure the screen is not too small or too big, which can also determine where to place the seating.

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The second common mistake is choosing the wrong paint color for the room walls. When choosing a color to paint the walls, a darker flat or matte color works best.

The third common mistake is bad sight lines. Sight lines are the lines from the viewer’s eyes to the screen. Avoid using risers that are too low.

The fourth common mistake is using too much of the budget for video. If too much of the budget is spent on video, this can cause poor audio quality, which will harm the movie-watching experience.

The fifth common mistake is not supplying enough power. Make sure to pull a dedicated circuit for the room if necessary.

The sixth common mistake is failing to calibrate the system. Calibrating the system encompasses choosing the most appropriate settings for the different theater components.

The seventh common mistake is poor acoustics. The shape, size, and textures of the room can make a huge difference in how sound travels. Acoustic panels are the easiest option, but feel free to research other options.

Make sure to avoid these common mistakes and you’ll maximize your experience with your home theater system.


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June 2024
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