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“It’s like rain on your wedding day,” as Alanis Morissette used to sing. Some people might think it’s ironic, but many other cultures believe that rain is a sign of good luck for a marriage. No matter your beliefs, there’s nothing wrong with a few wedding day showers, so long as you have a back-up plan for your outdoor wedding. Just like in marriage, you have to be prepared for whatever comes your way. Follow these tips to stay dry:

  • Always rent a wedding party tent. Don’t think that you can force rain out of the forecast by choosing to simply ignore it. There are some things even the most ferocious of Bridezillas can’t control!
  • Think indoors. Many indoor venues have wide, French-style doors and windows that can be opened up to make it feel like you’re outdoors if the weather is nice. Don’t take a chance on having all of your table linen rentals soaked through before guests have a chance to eat.
  • Accessorize. Even with a wedding party tent, you may have to venture into the rain between ceremony and reception venues. Protect your dress with a chic umbrella that matches the wedding color scheme.
  • Save the dance floor. Talk with your venue or tent rental company about a portable “dance floor” that can be used on outdoor spaces. Even non-wet grass can sink high heels — not a great way to do the Electric Slide!
  • Don’t stress. If you see that rain cloud pop up on your forecast the week before the wedding, accept it. The most important thing is to enjoy your dream wedding and make the most out of it, rain or shine.

Planning a party, especially a wedding, involves preparation of hundreds of details, from food and activities to decoration and decor. Don’t overlook a back-up plan in case of rain, or all your hard work planning and preparing may go to waste — along with your venue deposit. The average cost of a wedding in 2012 was $13,106. Spend a few extra dollars on reserving a tent rental, just in case.

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May 2024
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