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For couples planning their wedding in an outdoor location, whether it’s their own backyard or a seashore garden, wedding tent rentals can be a big help. Rental tents not only add to the charm of the event, they also serve the highly practical purpose of proving shelter in case the weather turns bad unexpectedly. Tent rentals are also useful for other events such as birthday and holiday parties, festivals, corporate events, residential parties and sweet sixteens.

Rental tents are versatile spaces
Planning a wedding or any other large event means attending to hundreds of different details. Everything from invitations and decorations to food and activities has to be in place for the big day. Rental tents make it easier to plan ahead, since you’ll have a flexible space to work with. Even if the number of guests varies, you can just add another table or a few more chairs and carry on.
Another big advantage of using rental tents for events and parties is that they offer a blank canvas for your decorations and party themes. With the right lighting, flowers and decorations, you can create any atmosphere you like.

One stop event rentals simplify your task
As well as tent rentals, quality rental companies can provide other essentials like tables, chairs and linens. It’s easier to rent all necessary equipment from the same place instead of having to deal with several different vendors.

  • Tents
    Event tent rentals give you a great deal of flexibility, in terms of the number of guests, type of furniture, whether you need to add a dance floor, and more. They also provide shelter in case of bad weather and shade for your guests in the summer.
    Rental tents make a great backdrop and backup for backyard parties, combining the best of both worlds – the indoors and the outdoors.
    You can pick the size of the tent as well as the accessories, which can include space heaters for chilly evenings, dance floors and more.

  • Tables and chairs
    It makes sense to get chairs and tables from the same place as your rental tents. That way you can also coordinate your table and chair rentals, and find the right linens as well for table and chair covers.
    Many rental companies have special wedding chairs and linens, which makes your task much easier.

  • Linens
    Quality tent rental companies will also have the appropriate linens for different kinds of events, such as baby showers, birthday parties, weddings, meetings, conferences, family reunions and school reunions. Since the linens come from the same place as the tables and chairs, you can be sure that will fit and match.
    For more formal events, high-quality, elegant rental linens including table cloths, runners, napkins, sashes and chair covers can be an important element of decor. For weddings and holidays, you can pick materials and colors that reflect the season and the theme of the event.

For any kind of outdoor event, rental tents provide a practical, attractive and versatile setting. Combined with the right furniture and linens, they create a festive air for your celebration.

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July 2024
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