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The morning walk to the grocery store with the neighbor was a reminder of what your life used to be like when your daughters were little. As you went out the door and across the street to join the neighbor for the five block trip to the store, you simply grabbed your debit card and put it in your pocket. Your neighbor, on the other hand, did not get out of her house quite so easily. With a 19 month old who was running around excited about the walk and a new five week old infant, the process your neighbor needed included changing diapers, changing clothes, grabbing snacks, and loading the toddler and the infant into the enormous stroller.
You did not envy this young mom and all of the work, but were more than happy to go along for the walk. You were able to entertain the oldest child by taking a few extra stroller laps while the mother of the two young children picked up prescriptions at the pharmacy and you were more than happy to help gather the items that either fell or were dropped out of the stroller, but it was difficult not to smile when you returned to your clean and silent home. In fact, it was with a renewed sense of energy that you went upstairs to your own closet to tackle the few loads of laundry that you had after you heard the mother tell a rather funny, but exhausting story of using baby sheet savers and waterproof fitted sheets in an attempt to save the mattresses in the the two cribs that were currently in use in her home.
You remember those days when your girls were young, but you never had two children in diapers at once, and you do not remember having products like baby sheet savers and some of the options that today’s moms have. Fitted crib sheet protectors are certainly a time saver for your neighbor, but you are thankful that you are only dealing with the daily loads of dirty clothing.
Do You Use Baby Sheet Savers in Your Nursery at Your Home?
The fact that 78% of Americans say they are more excited to go to bed if their sheets have a fresh scent is an indicator of how taking the time to do the necessary housework of laundry is beneficial. When you have young children in the house, however, the task of keeping all of the sheets clean can be a major chore. Consider some of this information about babies and how keeping them, and their bedding, clean needs to be a priority:

  • 15% of children still wet the bed at age five.
  • 10.5 to 18 hours is how many hours a day newborns sleep.
  • Babies need two to three baths a week to stay clean. The first step to a great baby bath is to find the perfect temperature. The water should be warm, not hot, and should only fill the bathtub with no more than two to three inches of water.

Clean babies and clean bedding make for a better night’s rest, for both the infant and the mother.

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June 2024
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