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Planning a party checklist

What do you suppose takes the look of a party from amateurish to professional? It’s not the amount of money spent, but the attention paid to details. It doesn’t matter if the event in question is a wedding for 200 people or a Bat Mitzvah for 50, the planning is the same. You’ll need to plan out perhaps 100 different details, from a certain ratio of napkins to guests, find a place to rent linens, and an appropriate space. You can hire an event planner, or you can take a go at it yourself. Here’s the basics of what you’ll need to know.

Planning a Party: If Nothing Else, Buy Plenty of Ice.

A cold drink in a clean cup is the absolute minimum benchmark of a semi-decent party. A good guideline on buying enough ice can be found on Martha Stewart’s website, which recommends a one to one ratio of ice per person per hour, but only if it’s a hot day and the party is hosted outdoors. Once this is handled, it is time to plan for the other niceties.

Linens and Tables and Chairs: Just Do Yourself a Favor and Call in Rentals.

While their is a certain charm in using your own pieces of furniture, the party must be very small or your wealth of chairs very great to not be required to rent linens or chairs. Also, when you rent linens the company cleans them for you, which is a plus.

If your party is going to be outdoors, consider renting a tent to keep guests cool. This has an added benefit if the event will be held in your backyard, because fewer guests will seek your house as refuge from the sun. Rental tents can frequently be added to an order of rental chairs, tables, and possibly linens. Just check to make sure the company you choose has been in business for a good long while, as they have likely experienced all the mishaps that can occur before a party and know what to expect.

How Do I Make This Look Professional?

When you go to a restaurant, take a look at the cutlery, flatware, and plates. If applicable, pick up the cloth napkins and check how they look against the linen tablecloth. You’ll notice that everything matches or coordinates well together, even down to the decor and the uniforms of the servers. There is an undeniable theme, and it could help with your planning if you identify one early on in the planning. This is easy: just think of the purpose of the party.

Try to apply this to the event you’re planning. If it’s a graduation party, what are the colors of their school? If it’s a baby shower, does the mother know the gender of the baby yet or is it a surprise? A good rule is to choose a maximum of three colors, and apply this color scheme to every aspect of the event from invitations to party favors, if possible. This can help you make decisions in a sea of color choices. There is of course the always-present white, but why rent linens that are lacking personality?

Know When to Ask For Help.

It’s not easy to plan a party on your own. Even with an amazing rental company, you’ll need to make decisions, plan a budget, and make arrangements. This is difficult to do on your own, and so it will be necessary for you to make a list in the beginning. Just as you’ll make a To-Do list, you should also make a list of helpful people that you can call when things get stressful. Let them know they’re on your Helper’s List, though, so that they’ll know to offer a helping hand as the date of the event gets closer.

Pulling off a wonderful party is not easy. With careful planning, it can go off smoothly. A few tips are to hire a good rental company, decide on a color scheme early, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Then, all you’ll need to do on the big day is celebrate, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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April 2024
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