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Few things sound as quiet as a clean home.
It is almost as if the vacuum not only swept up the dust and the dirt, but also the memory of any sounds those feet and shoes made when they stormed into the house. It is almost as if the the cleaning rag not only wiped away the spaghetti sauce and the hamburger grease, but also the clanging of the spoons and sauce pans that signal a meal nearly complete.
Like a clean home, however, the silence does not last. Kids come back from school, husbands come home from work, athletes return from practice. If, however, you have an experienced maid service that comes to your home every couple of weeks, you know that at least twice a month you will experience not only the sight, but also the sound, of a clean home.
There are many reasons why hiring a dependable house cleaning crew makes sense, but that feeling you get when you return to a home that has been cared for by an experienced maid service may be one of the biggest highlights. For those first hours after the experienced maid cleaning service has left your home are heavenly.
They are relaxing.
They are silent.
Custom Cleaning Services Help Business and Home Owners Protect Their Investment
Most people have good intentions when it comes to keeping their homes clean. You plan, for instance, to vacuum your way out of the house on at least one day a week so that you come home to fresh looking carpets. You promise that you will start every Saturday morning by spending time cleaning the bathrooms. You tell everyone in the family that no one should go to bed before all of the dishes are out of the sink and placed in the dishwasher. You vow to walk around the house dusting whenever you get a chance to enjoy a phone call with one of your favorite neighbors or college roommates.
But then life happens.
You rush in from work and start the load of laundry of dance leotards and tights that you forgot to wash the night before. You fly through the kitchen throwing together a quick meal on the one night that every one unexpectedly gets to be home for dinner. And even though you had a list of house cleaning chores that you wanted to get done, the family dinner time was more fun. The leotard washing was more important. And, before you know it, your good intentions are collecting dust on the television and your your plans are as scattered as the new dirt that has just been drug through the kitchen. Making a plan to have an experienced maid service come to your home once a week or once a month, however, can help you catch up. Help you have a clean start.
Consider these statistics about the housecleaning industry and the reason that many home and business owners make hiring an experienced maid service:

  • Efficient cleaning services know to save the floors for last to keep from having to clean them twice.
  • 84% of Americans believe having a clean carpet is essential if you want to have a clean home.
  • 87% of women feel a clean home is reflects well on them.
  • Even if you are a family that sticks to a cleaning schedule, you may wonder at some point if you are using your time the best way. In fact, families that cleans daily gain back as many as 730 hours, or 30 days a year, by hiring a cleaning service. What could you do with those 30 extra day?
  • Offices can reduce absenteeism by 46% if they make a commitment to having a healthy and clean environment.
  • In addition to wanting a clean home, a growing number of people want cleaning crews that work with environmentally friendly supplies. In fact, green cleaning product sales have skyrocketed by as much as 35% recently. Avoiding dangerous cleaning chemicals is a worthwhile goal.

The sound of silence.
The sound of a clean home.
Even if you cannot keep a perfectly clean home all of the time, it is great to have a silent starting point every week, or every month that a cleaning service comes to your home of business.

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May 2024
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