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Are you looking for the best place to buy bouquet of flowers for that special someone in your life? Do you need to find the best place to have flowers delivered in your local area? If so, you need to stop by and see your local florists sooner rather than later. These flower experts can help you find the arrangement that is just right for whatever event or occasion you have coming up!

Your local flower shop is usually the best place to order flowers for delivery or to get flowers yourself to hand-deliver to that special someone. You can check local business listings to find your neighborhood florists and visit them. Online searches can give your reviews to read through and consider as you make your section. There is also the option of using your smart device and telling it to ‘find the best place to order flowers near me.’

No matter how you go about finding your local flower pros, shopping local is often the best way to get fresh unique flowers that might not be available anywhere else.


Are you shopping for flower shops in your area? Maybe your sudden interest in the flower shops that service your area is for a flower delivery. Maybe you need to identify the best flower shops around you because you’re planning your wedding (congrats!). Perhaps you just want to sort through the flower shops around so that you have a tried and true local florist you can call when the occasion arises.

Whatever the reason, knowing the difference between a great florist and one that you should say, “Hey, smell ya later!” (see what we did there) will save you a big hassle. Okay, we know what you’re thinking: Finding the right florist can’t possibly be rocket science, is it? Yes, sorting out the good florists from the not good isn’t complicated, but it is important. Why? Well, imagine you use a florist who handles their flowers poorly. As a result, the life of the flowers is reduced by half. Now, you’re paying full price for half of a product. If you were given the option of purchasing a product for X amount of dollars, or paying the same amount for half of the product, which would you choose? And that’s why it matters to find the right florist.

So without further ado (who are we kidding, we love to ado), here is our list of tips for finding a florist you can trust:

Four Tips for Finding a Florist You Can Trust

    1. Look for a florist who sells flowers.
      Okay we know this tip sounds ridiculous. But many florists who aren’t great at their craft make up for their lack of actual flower commissions by selling fluff that they mark up. It doesn’t take an artist to sell overpriced teddy bears, balloons, and chocolate. These are all nice, but if the florist sells more of these types of products than they sell flowers, you might want to take note of it.

      What to look for: You want to find a florist whose bread and butter is flowers. Ask them what’s in season. Ask for their advice on types of flowers for a specific occasion. Having a variety of flowers to make your special occasion more…specialer.. is a great benefit of finding the right florist. A great florist doesn’t need to hide behind a cheesy plush heart that says, “I Heart You.”

    1. Check out the florist’s affiliation with any professional florist groups.

      Any idiot can call themselves a florist. Unlike your hair stylist or your doctor, there is no certification that shows your florist is professionally trained or knows the difference between a daffodil and a dandelion. However, if your florist is in any professional groups for flower professionals, it’s a good sign that they take themselves seriously. If a person just woke up one day and thought “Flowers are good. I’ll do flowers for a living.” and that’s the extent of the effort they put into learning the trade of floral arrangements, there’s a good chance that they are not going to take the time to join any professional leagues for florists.

      What to look for: A florist who is part of any professional floral groups will list it on their website, and within their store. By all means, when in doubt, just ask.

    1. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the shop.

      Arranging flowers is an art and art makes a mess. So don’t find yourself shocked if the florist you’re visiting has clippings and supplies out. You’re looking for a good flower arrangement, not a house keeper.

      That being said, if the shop is filthy or leaves a poor first impression, you might want to keep searching. If the florist is comfortable working in an area that is not visually appealing, how can you trust them to make a flower arrangement that is?

      What to look for: Look for a florist who keeps a shop that is beautiful and inspiring. That’s a good sign that that’s what you’ll get from your arrangement.

  1. Trust your gut.

    When you meet a florist for the first time, what is your first impression? Are they friendly? Do you have rapport with them? Do they seem to know what they’re talking about? Your gut instinct is the best gauge when looking for a florist you can trust.

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