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Conversation topics for couples

Having genuine, engaging conversations can be difficult. If you are meeting someone for the first time, whether it is on a date or for business, generating enjoyable conversation requires a little know how. If you find yourself constantly struggling to find great topics for conversation, then look no further. Here are four great conversation starters.

  • How About That Rain?
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    While asking people about the weather to get things rolling may seem a bit trite, the fact is we do it so often because it works. Every one of us has to deal with the effects of inclement weather. Is there too much snow? Is it too hot to be comfortable? According to Newbury Port News, these common areas are great ways to begin conversation.

  • Stick to Fun Conversation Topics
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    There is the old saying that you should avoid politics and religion over dinner to be a polite guest or host. While it is true that you can have perfectly civil and perfectly enjoyable repartee on these issues, more likely than not it will not go well. As Steve Addicott of Caveon points out, religious and political discussion is likely to devolve into a heated, mean-spirited conversation quickly. Avoid it.

    Americans love sports. Why not talk instead about football or hockey? Sticking to a fun topic that everyone has at least some connection with is a great way to keep things social and civil.

  • Pay a Compliment
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    David K. William of Lifehacker writes that giving a compliment about your date’s or friend’s clothing and accessories can be a good way to kick off great topics for conversation. For example, is your date wearing a sapphire necklace that you find fetching? Tell her so! Following up with questions like “Why did you choose sapphire?” and “Is it your birth stone?” are great for keeping things rolling. Be reactionary. Listen then respond with something thoughtful.

  • Go with Current Events
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    Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project writes about her friend who always checks the news before going on a social outing. This is a great habit to go with. So long as you avoid possibly controversial topics, e.g. the aforementioned religion and politics, you have a surefire way to start things off right. Think about something harmless, yet engaging like “Did you hear Buffalo recently built a new exhibit for polar bears at the zoo?”.

Finding great topics for conversation can be like catching lightning in a bottle. However, following this list is a wonderful way to start great dinner conversation topics or those for any other event. The next time you are out on a date with the man of your dreams or find yourself at lunch with a client, do not stumble to find something to say. Lead things off with one of these great starters!

Conversation Starters


May 2024
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