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Regional home decor continues to grow in popularity. From adirondack style chairs in the north east to Native American style decor in the southwest, there are many people who like to embrace regional traditions when it comes to selecting decorations for their homes. In fact, even offices are often decorated with regional artifacts, colors, and furniture. And while there is no rule, for instance, that Native American style decor cannot be used in other places, the reality is that these kinds of items, colors, and rustic furnishings are more common in areas where the weather is warm year round.

With the use of Native American style blankets, for instance, a home or business owner can add both color and warmth to a space. Likewise, it is not surprising to see moose antler coffee tables and various kinds of log furniture pieces in states like Colorado and Minnesota.
No matter what items you select to help you decorate your home or office, many buyers find a wider selection and better prices if they order their home and office decorator items online. Furniture trends and decorating styles often change as far as color and fabric styles, but decorators who use regional pieces in their spaces often find that these items have lasting appeal. A ski lodge, for instance, will always look in fashion if it is decorated with lodge style decor. Likewise, in areas of the southwest Native American style decor will always look great.

Offices and public spaces like libraries and convention centers are also often decorated in regional decor that speaks to the history of a location. And while many of these regional items may not be available in showrooms, they can always be found online. In fact, online furniture and decorating is a common offering for many large online providers.
Nor surprising, consumers expect their wall decor and wood furniture purchases to have a longer comparative life span. In fact, many consumers expect these items to last for 15 years or more.
In addition to these decorator purchases making a home or business look great, they also help the vision of the nation’s overall economy. In fact, typically the furniture industry’s growth is consistently performing twice as well as the overall economy, growing at a rate of 6% to 7% each year.

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June 2024
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