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Updated 9/29/2021

If your house has a basement, basement waterproofing is essential. Otherwise, water can get in and cause some major problems. The average price for basement waterproofing might not seem like it’s worth paying, but too much water leakage can cause mold or structural damage. Plus, you’ll need to pay at least the average cost to fix basement leak, possibly multiple times over the years. Rather than risk major problems, you’re better off getting waterproofing.

basement waterproofing

The average cost to waterproof your basement will likely depend on your area, the size of your basement, and the waterproofing process you and your contractor choose. You might consider a basement cement sealer, which will use cement to keep out the rain. Or your contractor might have other ideas. Before you hire anybody, have several contractors come in and look at the basement. Ask for their suggestions and get a quote from them. You can then take the suggestions and quotes and compare the options. By doing this, you can hire someone confidently. You’ll know what to expect and how much you should plan on paying them.

Learn more about basement waterproofing and how to find the best contractor to do the job below.

There is an incredible volume of free information out there on the multitude of ways to remedy basement problems, but which contractor should you hire? Below are five ways to know you are hiring the best basement waterproofing professional for the job.

If you have a home with a basement, you may already know that in all likelihood, you will experience water damage at some point. It is just about as inevitable as death and taxes. There is 98% that your basement will experience some level of water damage at some point while you live in that house. That alone might be a good reason to look into talking with a basement waterproofing contractor.

Finding the right basement waterproofing contractor may seem like it is going to be a very daunting task but it does not have to be. if you do some research, you should be able to find someone who can do the job and do it well. Here are some tips to help you fins the right basement waterproofing contractor to work on your home:

  1. Talk to your friends, family and colleagues. If you know other people who own their own homes and if those homes have basements, someone you know has probably had some work done on their basement at some point. Even the people who do not have basements have foundations and they may know foundation repair contractors who also handle water proofing basements. The best way to find decent goods and services is to get a personal recommendation.
  2. Check online. Many cities and municipalities have Facebook groups and pages devoted to promoting local goods and services. Check these. If no one has mentioned anything about foundation repair services or water proofing basements, post the question. The chances are that someone will respond with a good suggestion or two.
  3. Check Angie’s List. This is a great resource for services just like this. If you cannot find a decent basement waterproofing contractor here and you have looked elsewhere, that person just does not exist. But they do exists and you will find them.
  4. Get more than one estimate. Whenever you are going to have a big home improvement job like this done, you need to make sure to get at least three estimates. The more you get, the better. When you are looking at the prices, you should remember that the most expensive may not be the best quality and that the cheapest may end up costing you a lot more in the long run. This is a lot like Goldilocks and the three bears. One estimate may be too cheap and one may be too expensive and the middle one may be just right.
  5. Check the basement waterproofing contractor’s website. They may have testimonials there. Ask if you can talk to current or former customers to see what they thought about working with the person or the company. Once you have found a few basement waterproofing contractors, check Yelp! Google them and see what people say about their service. Keep in mind that people are much more likely to complain than compliment and if there are anonymous complaints, you should take them with a grain of salt. For all you know the contractor’s ex-spouse wrote those.
  6. Check their credentials and insurance. You need to verify that the basement waterproofing contractor is insured, certified, licensed and properly bonded in the state where you live. Check with local trade associations to see if they are a member.
  7. Get a lifetime warranty. If they are good at what they do and if they are reputable, the basement waterproofing company should have no problem issuing a lifetime warranty. You need this in the event that something happens after the contractor is done with the work. If you need them to fix anything, you want the warranty.

Your basement may be a very important part of your home. It can also be a source of problems for your home. A good waterproofing job may give you peace of mind.

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