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Have you ever sat there at dinner and realized that you have nothing to talk about? You’re not alone.

Finding the right dinner conversation topic can be tricky, especially for people that have children. On November 13, published an article entitled “An Easy Dinner Conversation Topic for Kids.” The article went into detail about how difficult it can be to find great conversation starters that children can relate to, and what can be done to help rectify any sense of awkwardness.

According to the piece, perhaps the easiest dinner conversation topic to work with was “roses and thorns” of everybody’s day. What was the good part? What was the bad part? Not only does it offer a great deal to talk about, but it also could give your family a chance to share what they felt.

While the old “roses and thorns” game could seem a bit hokey to some people, it can actually be a great way for you as a parent to get to know your children better. One of the reasons that so many families eat dinner in front of the television rather than the dinner table is because they often feel like they have nothing to talk about. Television fills the void by giving everyone something to focus on as they eat in silence.

Fun conversation topics like these are out there. If “roses and thorns” seems a bit old school for you, there are plenty of others to choose from. As long as those great topics for conversation provide something more than that uncomfortable small talk everyone is familiar with, they will be helping to move things along smoothly.

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April 2024
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