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Not much beats a refreshing glass of ice cold water. It is considered one of the ingredients needed that started life on our planet as well as other planets. And, it just so happens, that our body is full of it, about two-thirds, but like lubrication for hydraulics, it affects 100 percent of the processes that our body gives orders on. However, drinking water is only good for you if it is actually clean. Luckily, water filters are an invention that can help that, like Culligan water filters.

Why Bother With Water Filtration Systems?

Dirty water, obviously, does not taste very good. And, unfortunately, water just so happens to be really good at transferring minerals. Now, not all minerals are bad. When you stop at a store and see mineral water being sold, that is not the kind of water that is bad for you; those products contain minerals that are helpful. However, water that is high in mineral salts, calcium and magnesium to name a few, is known as hard water. Americans are experiencing hard water in 85 percent of homes, something Culligan water filters could help with.

Water hardness has its own scale, measured by how many grains per gallon. On this scale, the degree of hardness can range over 10 but as little as 1. This scale is then used to test the hardness of your water.

The Benefits Of Drinking Water

Even though your body contains a lot of water, that water supply is used for the natural systems in your body. What it does not do is create water out of thin air, which is where drinking water comes in handy. Not only does it contribute to that water supply, keeping things running well, but it keeps you hydrated. And hydration is a major issue in America.

Issue, you say? North Americans are experiencing chronic dehydration that has its own special tagline, “the hidden epidemic.” That is probably why you have never heard about it. Pull four individuals off the street and three of those four individuals will be experiencing chronic hydration, or 75 percent. Chances are that you might be, too. You might be getting just enough water from food and other liquids that it keeps hydration at the threshold.

Drinking water goes even further than keeping you hydrated, although that is the most important. A study was done with individuals experiencing headaches. The individuals participating drank two cups of water, on average, and within 30 minutes felt “total relief” from their headaches.

Are you looking to lose weight? A new study that has been making waves, pun intended, that states drinking at least 16 ounces, before you eat a meal, will help with weight loss. However, everyone is different and although many weight loss plans will tell you to drink a specified amount of water, you should only drink water when you are thirsty. Not to mention there is such a thing as drinking too much water. Pace yourself! Rather than pick up a soda or other sugary drinks for quenching your thirst, instead, grab a cup of water. And if you get your water from the sink, investing in Culligan water filters can lead to better, cleaner, and purer water.

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July 2024
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