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Going through a divorce is rarely a simple or easy process, even if you are the party who has filed for divorce. Whenever you are presented with the possibility of divorce, it’s important to have the right divorce strategy in place. A divorce strategy can help you to create a plan of action while protecting yourself and any children you may have in the household or as a result of the marriage itself. The more prepared you are for a potential divorce, the less likely you are to feel caught off guard or overwhelmed during the experience itself.

Discuss the Divorce Openly With Members of the Household

Being open and honest is an admirable divorce strategy, especially if you have children who are residing in the home with you and your current spouse. Discussing the possibility of getting a divorce with all members of your household will ensure that everyone is on the same page. Additionally, being open and honest can also taper potential angry responses or backlash from anyone who is unhappy with the news. When you are able to discuss family matters openly and honestly, you can preserve and protect the bonds you have formed with your children and loved ones.

Contemplate Moving to a New Location

Unfortunately, part of any divorce strategy involves contemplating moving and relocating. This will depend on who is the owner of the home you have purchased together and who prefers to stay in the house even after the divorce filing has been completed. In order to stay ahead, consider moving to a new location, even if you wind up remaining the sole occupant of your current house. Having a moving strategy in place will help prevent you from feeling alienated, lost, and alone when you are going through a divorce, especially if you are doing so for the very first time.

When you are contemplating a moving plan, it’s important to seek out an affordable moving service that is available near you and in the location you intend to move. Research moving services and companies online to find a solution that is not only available locally but one that is reputable and affordable for any budget you have set in place. Research online reviews and testimonials to find a moving company that is trustworthy and one that employs highly trained professionals to assist with the actual process of moving itself.

Make Updates and Repairs to Your Home

If you are going through a divorce and want to ensure your divorce strategy is solid, consider making updates and repairs to your home before placing it on the open market. Whether you are dealing with a garage door broken spring or if you’re in need of hot water heater repair or a window replacement service, it’s highly advisable to take care of repairs and updates before listing your home for sale. Whenever you’re selling a home or property, making updates and repairs can go a long way in determining the valuation of your home and its overall curbside appeal.

Why Make Updates and Repairs to the Home Before Selling It

While you may not understand why you would put more money into your home as part of your divorce strategy, keep in mind that doing so can ultimately pay off, literally and hypothetically. By investing more in your home before listing it for sale, prospective buyers are much more likely to find the home attractive. This can lead to an increase in your home’s valuation. Additionally, making updates and repairs to the exterior or landscaping of your home before moving out can also dramatically increase its curbside appeal.

List Your Home for Sale

Once you have made the decision to sell your home and you are working to complete the necessary updates and repairs, you can then list your home on the open market. Before listing your home, be sure to invest in roof replacements if your roof is outdated or is no longer in proper condition. You may also want to reach out to residential electricians to have your home’s electrical work inspected, updated, and repaired if necessary. These actions can help you to sell your home while making it more appealing to those who are currently in the buyer’s market.

How to List Your Home for Sale

This is not always simple or straightforward, especially if you are experiencing a contentious divorce. If you are unable to come to an agreement on how to list your home for sale with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you should always consult the attorney who is representing you through your divorce. If you are able to work together with your spouse when it comes to selling your home, you can do so by working with a local realtor or real estate company.

Working with a realtor will help to guide you through the process of listing your home for sale and what is necessary to do so for the best outcome possible. A realtor will help you to gauge all of your options when it comes to listing your home for sale, including what price you should list your home at once it is available on the market. Realtors will also help you to showcase the features and amenities that are included throughout the home, which will help to make your home much more appealing to those who are currently shopping around.

Plan Your Move Accordingly

Once you make the decision to leave your home, part of your divorce strategy will include planning your move accordingly. From renting a moving truck to searching for trailer sales to help transport your belongings, planning ahead will help you to maintain your peace of mind. Planning your move will depend on whether or not you intend to stay in your home. You will also need to consider your intended destination and whether you will be shipping your furniture and belongings or renting a truck or trailer to transport your items yourself.

Seek Proper Legal Representation

When it comes to the right divorce strategy, retaining a divorce attorney is one of the first and most important steps you will need to take. Retaining proper legal representation whenever you are going through a divorce will help to protect you and your investments throughout the entirety of your marriage with your spouse. Divorce attorneys specialize in family law and typically have years, if not decades of experience in dealing with divorces as well as custody battles. Even if you do not share children with your current spouse, it is best to seek out a family law attorney who understands the ins and outs of divorce, especially in your current state.

Advantages of a Divorce Lawyer

Hiring a divorce attorney is essential when going through a divorce, even if you believe you are doing so amicably with your spouse. Obtaining the right legal representation is a way to protect yourself, your assets, and your property as best as possible. Even if you have made investments equally throughout your marriage with your spouse, the right attorney will attempt to fight on your behalf if you want to retain what is yours as much as possible.

Divorce attorneys are not just well-versed in family law, but they are also familiar with specific laws, restrictions, and codes that may be in place based on the city and state you were married in and currently reside in. If you do share children with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, your attorney can also help to guide you through the process of determining a custody agreement that is optimal for you and your spouse.

When working with a divorce attorney, you can ask them to mediate for you and on your behalf. This can help to mitigate potential conflicts of interest as well as any unnecessary confrontations. Divorce attorneys will have no issue communicating with your ex-spouse as well as any legal representation your ex has also retained for their own legal protection. If you want to minimize the risk of confronting your ex or getting into heated arguments, you can do so much easier once you have the right legal representation by your side.

Sell Goods and Belongings You No Longer Need

When you are going through a divorce, one divorce strategy to keep yourself afloat financially is to sell belongings and goods that you no longer want or need. This can also include your wedding and engagement rings, if you still have them or no longer want to own them. Seeking a local gold buyer or researching buyers online is the fastest way to obtain an estimate of the value of your jewelry. Selling off old jewelry that you received during your marriage can also provide a form of therapy, especially if you are looking forward to being free and on your own again.

Find the Right Therapy Solution for You

Even if you have come to terms with the divorce you are going through, you should still find a therapy solution that is right for you through the process. Therapy does not have to include traditional counseling, although traditional sessions are extremely valuable and beneficial to some. Alternative therapies might include everything from micro-dosing psilocybin mushrooms to ketamine therapy in controlled and professional environments. Depending on your current mental state and any history of mental illness, a medical professional can help to guide you to the therapy solution that is genuinely right for you.

Build a Support Group

Having a support group when you are going through a divorce is key. Without support, divorce can feel extremely lonely, alienating, and depressing, especially if you were not expecting the divorce. When you have a support group around you, you will feel as if you have friends and family members who care about you even when you are feeling down and sad during the divorce. Your support group does not have to be limited to family members and those who know you best. Building a support group is possible by connecting with like-minded individuals, co-workers, or even others who may also currently be going through their own divorce.

Benefits of a Support Group

When you have a support group that you can turn to, you do not need to approach difficult challenges associated with your divorce alone. Having a helping hand and someone who is simply willing to listen to you can help you to feel validated in your feelings and emotions. Regardless of where you are at in the stages of grieving when getting a divorce, your support group can help you get through it every step of the way.

Create a New Vision for Your Future

Life after divorce does not have to feel bleak or empty, especially if you have goals you still want to accomplish on your own. While the thought of living independently may be scary, you will adjust in time, especially with the right support group around you at all times. Creating a vision for your own future is the first step to living on your own. From moving into your own home and decorating it to taking up a new hobby or learning a brand-new skill, the options are nearly endless.

Why It’s Important to Create a Vision for Your Independent Future

Moving on after a divorce is not an overnight process, even if the divorce was in process for years. Once your divorce is finalized, you may find yourself struggling to know where to go and what to do next. The more you envision a future for yourself and the future you desire for yourself and your children, the easier it will be to set goals and achieve them along the way. Whether you are adamant about going back to school to work towards a degree or if you’re already in the process of building your own business, having a vision will prevent you from feeling lost or out of place anytime when you are going through a divorce.

Incorporating the right divorce strategy into your life is key when you are in a troubled marriage or if the topic of divorce has come up multiple times. When you have a divorce strategy in place to protect yourself and your loved ones, you can make the moves necessary to protect yourself and the future you envision for yourself.

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July 2024
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