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Finding out that you’re pregnant can be a time of excitement – and stress. How will I know what to do when the baby comes? I think we need to move to a bigger home! There are more than four babies born every second of every day: we’re expanding the world’s population past the 7 billion mark, but there’s always room for one more. Once you know that you’re pregnant, start thinking about whether you want to have the baby sleep in your room or in a separate nursery. Planning for your newborn’s comfort is of the utmost importance.

In the past several years, many parents have embraced the “co-sleeping” ethos. Newborns sleep in a small, portable bassinet that stands next to their parents’ bed: co-sleeping makes nighttime feedings easy, and nervous parents can instantly see that their infants are doing just fine. Baby experts warn that sleeping with an infant in your bed is not a good idea: it’s much safer to have your baby sleep separately.

Newborns dislike being too warm or too cold; infants can sleep without a blanket as long as they are wearing comfortable clothing. Children should have their feet covered so that they don’t get chilly at nighttime, but too many blankets can make infants feel a little grouchy. Don’t worry: you’ll become extremely adept at determining your baby’s moods. It’s an instinct that we have that allows us to care for our tiniest family members.

If you have a friend who is pregnant, you should throw her a baby shower! There are so many ways to celebrate a new baby, and there are always cheap baby shower locations. Does your friend like bowling? Then get a cake in the shape of a bowling ball and make your own invitations: we’re bowled over by our new arrival! Baby showers are supposed to be fun and silly: your friend will be so excited to have a surprise party, and she can laugh away her nervousness about becoming a parent for the first time.

There are so many locations to have a baby shower, you just need to pick the right one for your friend. There are cheap halls for rent, but use your imagination. A great baby shower could be at your home, in the backyard, or even in a public place like a library or football field. When you’re looking for locations to have a baby shower, ask yourself if 30 to 50 people could comfortably fit into the venue: that’s the average size of a baby shower. Be creative about the location of the baby shower, and make sure that older guests have ample seating and that everyone stays hydrated.

Above all, look into catering for events: many nice wedding places also offer catering for baby showers and other parties. Locations to have a baby shower can include destination wedding places like a company retreat at the beach or near scenic mountains. Your ideal baby shower location will vary according to your budget and your friends’ work schedules, but take some time to look into good wedding places: they would be delighted to have your baby shower there on the property. A great baby shower depends upon the right location and the right food: take your time choosing a caterer.

Most importantly, do not tell your friend that she is going to be attending her baby shower. Locations to have a baby shower must be kept secret: otherwise, the surprise will be utterly ruined. Keep her in the dark until she walks in the door, and then make sure to take a picture of her expression when she realizes that she is at her very own baby shower. New mothers definitely appreciate the understanding and support that they get from their friends and family members. Create a memorable baby shower: your nephew or niece is worth every penny.

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July 2024
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