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Single family homes

Buying houses in newly-constructed communities is becoming the preferred choice for many prospective homeowners. A 2016 Zillow report indicated that 45% of the recent buyers that purchased brand-new homes chose this option because they were able to customize. Just a few of the available options are an open floor plan, multiple bedrooms, and additional storage space.

Zillow also indicated that roughly 48% of buyers want to purchase homes that haven’t been lived in before. About 34% of these buyers wanted to avoid having to renovate or deal with plumbing, electrical, or other potential issues. New home constructions are also more energy-efficient, which appealed to 48% of the people that purchased these homes.

While 83% of prospective buyers are interested in single family homes, according to Zillow, 20% are interested in purchasing townhouses. Millennials, however, are more likely to consider townhouses, which was the case for 23% of the recent buyers within this age bracket. has predicted that 61% of the buyers that will purchase a home during 2017 will be less that 35 years old. Walkable neighborhoods are a popular feature for this age bracket, and 56% prefer to live in neighborhoods close to shopping, parks, and other welcome amenities. This is yet another reason why new home communities are rising in popularity.

Are you looking at listings for single family homes, town homes, vacation homes, or new home communities? You’re probably aware that this process can be much simpler when you work closely with a real estate agent. Rather than expending time and energy to locate available listings, it makes sense to streamline this process with the assistance of an experienced realtor.

In addition to having up-to-date listings, real estate agents will be able to provide you with valuable information on the areas in which you’re interested. This can be particularly beneficial when you’re moving from another area or state. You may be interested to know that every day, around 1,000 people are choosing to move to Florida, and there are several new home constructions in various communities throughout this state.

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July 2024
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