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Although it may feel like they own every toy and gadget in the world, your children will always express a sense of boredom. This is because children, just like adults, require a consistent sense of stimulation. Yet, with so many unique and bustling activities to choose from, it can be hard to find one that would best suit your family. Not to mention, some of these activities can be very costly, meaning that some parents are forced to break the bank to keep their kids entertained. However, this article will offer a selection of fun family weekend activities that are bound to brighten up just about any type of tribe.

1. Visit Some Furry Friends

Research from Harvard Health explains that owning a dog can offer some immense benefits, from lower blood pressure to a reduced risk of heart disease. However, for some of us, owning a pet is just not on the cards. Perhaps your home is just too small, or you don’t have the resources to take care of another inhabitant right now. But, thanks to doggy day care establishments, families can interact with a collection of furry friends without having to deal with the stress of taking them home. These care facilities give us the chance to mix with a variety of adorable dog breeds, allowing us to play with and pet them whenever we please. Moreover, some of these animals are considered to be assistance dogs, meaning that they are specifically trained to work alongside humans with common mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Thus, this can be a great day out for a family member who has been struggling recently and is in dire need of some TLC.

2. Tour Homes or Estate Sales

Even if you love your family home dearly, it’s sometimes interesting to see how the other half lives. For those looking to add a touch of affluence to their list of fun family weekend activities, consider taking a tour of some of the luxury apartments and estates in your area. This is particularly aimed at those who live in very large and metropolitan cities as it offers them the prime opportunity to immerse themselves deeper into the finer things that their region has to offer. Start by searching for some luxury apartment rental services in your area and consider taking some time out of your weekend to look around the respective home. As such, the whole family can experience something new, allowing them to get lost in a selection of beautiful interior design motifs. Admittedly, if you have very young children, this might seem like their idea of a nightmare. Yet, this could be a great activity for teenagers, especially those who are looking to move out soon and are eager to learn more about the property market. You could also use this opportunity to explore some of the most iconic apartments and houses from throughout history. For example, Sunnylands offers an immense historic house tour for just $55 per person, making this an affordable way to learn more about the artistic legacy of home design.

3. Take a Class

Though your kids may not want to admit it, learning can be a fun way to grow and bond together as a family. Taking a class together ensures that every member of the family can experiment with something unique, and potentially find a new hobby in the process. Thus, indulging in a few educational fun family weekend activities can help the entire family find a new passion, which is useful for parents who are looking to help their children detach from their screens. A martial arts school can be found all over the country and typically works to inform participants about the wonders of these ancient sports as well as the efficacy of armed combat. Allegedly, there are over 180 different types of martial arts, all of which offer a nuanced set of skills for candidates to adopt and master. So, even if you try out one sport and don’t have much luck, there are tons of other activities you could try instead. Karate Academy Online states that the average cost of a martial arts course in the US is around $110 per month. As such, this is a great excuse to invest in quality time with your family and learn different skills as a group.

4. Get Active Outside

Project Play explains that the average US child plays a sport for less than three years in total, before quitting at around age 11. As such, it seems that our nation’s youth are becoming less active, causing them to suffer an array of detrimental consequences such as social isolation, poorer physical health, and less confidence. Thus, if you’re eager to find some fun family weekend activities that will encourage your children to get active and come out of their shells, try to engage in a few outdoor sports. For those who are fortunate enough to live near a large body of water, consider using a collection of standup paddleboards to travel across the water. This sport first arrived on the scene in the 1940s as an alternative to more conventional activities like surfing or swimming. Throughout this process, you will be asked to stand on a thin board and use a paddle to help you glide across the surface of the water. Some variations of this activity blend aspects of yoga and fishing to help make it much more entertaining. Tumalo Creek highlights that a basic standup paddleboard class costs around $85 per person. Although this cost may seem expensive to some families, there are some group sessions available. This means that the whole family can work together alongside an experienced trainer for a much lower price.

If you prefer to remain on dry land whilst indulging in a few fun family weekend activities, consider taking part in an e bike tour. These activities pair you alongside a state-of-the-art electronic bike, ensuring that you can zoom around your local area at speed and in style. Not to mention, a lot of these tours ensure that families can get up close and personal with a selection of looming landmarks, which is perfect for those who have just moved into a new area. Although some of these bikes can cost up to $9,000 each, Traveling Two estimates that a standard e bike tour can cost around $23 a day. So, whether you plan just to use these bikes for the weekend, or are eager to carry out a week-long biking experience, this is a very affordable way for families to see everything that their area has to offer.

5. Try a New Cuisine

If you consider yourself to be a family of foodies, you may benefit from spending your weekend trying some delectable new dishes. There are many ways you can carry out this activity, from traveling around a local farmers market or visiting a collection of bustling street food stalls. However, if your area doesn’t contain these elements, you could start by visiting a selection of local restaurants that you’ve always wanted to try. A sushi bar is a great establishment to visit as it allows the whole family to sample a few off-beat dishes, making it easier for them to taste a wider variety of cuisines. Plus, even the fussiest of eaters will be able to enjoy sushi as it’s available in vegan and vegetarian options. So, even if you’re concerned about dietary preferences, you will be able to sink your teeth into something extraordinary. Even if you’re on a pretty tight budget, this meal is still pretty affordable for most people. Food Fun Cook highlights that the average meal at a sushi restaurant costs around $20-$30 per person, before the tip. So, this is a viable option for foodies who are eager to take a leap outside their culinary comfort zones and push away from standard American food items.

6. Or Cook Your Own!

If dining in fancy restaurants is not your thing, you can still enjoy a plethora of fun family weekend activities by preparing meals at home. This is a great activity for little ones as it gives them the chance to feel confident in the kitchen and discover how their meals are cooked at home. Plus, some families cannot afford to dine out in the current economic climate, so this is also a fantastic way for them to use up what’s left in the fridge and delve into a remarkable meal in a much more comfortable and intimate setting. Although most families enjoy a spot of baking as a group, you could also prepare a selection of main meals. Consider heading down to your local fish market to pick up some jumbo sea scallops or muscles to add to a rich fish stew. These dishes ensure that your family can enjoy a nourishing meal, and you can even use the leftovers for the kid’s packed lunches for the week ahead. Maine Lobster Now informs us that 1lb of these scallops typically costs $24.99, which may seem expensive to some, but is a very reasonable price for fresh seafood. Thus, your family now has the perfect opportunity to indulge in some unique produce, without having to spend hundreds of dollars at a nearby restaurant.

7. Try a Spa Treatment

If you spend all week running around trying to tick everything off of your to-do list, you may prefer to find some fun family weekend activities that are a little more relaxing. Though it may not be to everyone’s tastes, a trip to a local spa can help you unwind and detach from the stressors associated with everyday life. As such, the parents are free to indulge in soothing massages whilst the kids have the time of their lives in the pool. For those interested in herbal remedies and alternative medicine, you may benefit from taking part in an acupuncturist service. Acupuncture is an aspect of ancient Chinese medicine and usually relies on using a series of extremely thin needs to balance the body’s life force. These needles are normally attached to key areas of the body, including the ears, neck, and forehead. Many participants speak very highly of this practice, claiming that it helps them cope with a wealth of complex medical issues including cancer, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. As a result, this could be a life-changing practice for those who suffer from a variety of long-term health conditions or chronic pain issues. Portland Wellness Centre notes that the national average cost of an acupuncture session is $75, giving families the chance to try an alternative approach for less than $100.

8. Kick Back and Relax

Sometimes, the best thing you can do as a family is to relax. Many people have fond childhood memories of spending their summers in the family swimming pool, implying floating in the crystal-clear water. Luckily, families can now replicate these good times in their own homes, thanks to the addition of hot tubs and pools available on the market. An inground pool is a ground option for a family as it’s often seen as the most accessible choice available. Thus, the whole family is free to jump in and out of the pool as often as they like. However, it should be mentioned that these pools are incredibly costly, with Bob Villa explaining that the national average cost of an inground pool is $57,938. Yet, this is a great investment to help bring the whole family together in a deeply calming and tranquil space.

It’s paramount that families continue to spend time together as it’s one of the few ways that they can continue to build a genuine sense of trust and intimacy. But, if you are lucky enough to have a very large family, it can still be hard to find a pastime that everyone will enjoy. Therefore, if you’re searching for some new fun family weekend activities to try, consider experimenting with a few listed in this article.

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April 2024
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