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Americans tend to move around the country a lot. Commitments including school, work, and family relationships encourage people to pick up their belongings and move to a new city or state. The longer a move is the more preparation and work that it requires. With the average American moving about 12 times in their life, preparation is the key to a smooth and cost effective move.

Give yourself sufficient time for a big move
The best way to carefully organize a big move is to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. If you have months to get ready for a move, you can begin to go through your belongings. Donate the items that you no longer want, so you don?t have to waste valuable resources on moving them. You can also decide which items make more sense to purchase new in your new home. For example, transporting a vehicle across the country can be a hassle and can also be expensive. It could be wiser to sell it and then purchase a new one when you arrive at your new state. Giving yourself sufficient time to prepare also gives you time to arrange for professional moving and storage services.

Label, label, label
Things will eventually get hectic. You will find that you are living out of boxes for many weeks. Rather than opening and going through every single box, looking for a single item, label everything. Spending just a couple of extra minutes on each box to carefully label its contents can help you find items that you need during the move. This can also save you money. You won?t have to go out and purchase those needed items that you cannot find.

Know when professional services are needed
Professional moving and storage services can be extremely useful during a big move. Commercial movers can handle as little, or as much, of the move as you desire. They can come into your home and pack everything, label boxes, and load them into the moving truck. If you prefer to pack your own items, you can simply use professional moving and storage services to handle the physical work. Furniture, for example, can be very heavy and difficult to move. Professional furniture movers can carry, load and handle the furniture delivery services.

Don?t forget administrative changes
Moving includes more than boxing up your items and moving them to your new location. Moving also includes things like finding a new job, getting to know your new city, and ensuring that your mail and personal identification is tracked to your new home. This is an often overlooked, yet important, part of the moving process. If you do not submit a change of address 14 days prior to your move, your mail may end up in the wrong hands. This can cause your personal information to be compromised should others get your mail, without your knowledge. Don?t put yourself at risk of identity theft.

Rent a storage unit
Another large task in the moving process is unpacking and deciding where everything will go. This can take many weeks or even months. It can be helpful to rent a storage shed, in the meantime. You can work on each room and place items over time. Many commercial moving services will also bring your items to a rented storage shed. Moving and storage services can be the perfect solution to the hassle of the across country move.

More than six in ten adults (63%) have moved to a new community at least once in their lives, while only 37% have never left their hometowns. People move, and they move a lot. Preparation is important when it comes to any move, but is especially necessary during an across state move. Utilize the services of a professional moving and storage services to make the move easier and more cost efficient.

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June 2024
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