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Chlorine removal

Chlorine is necessary for keeping your pool clean, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it should have a place in your home. In fact, the chlorine in your home could actually have a negative effect on your health.
There are several ways to combat the threat of chlorine in your home, and each of them is certainly effective in its own way. Here are five of the best ways to avoid chlorine in your home.
Use Safe Laundry Products

It’s inevitable that you’re going to use laundry products to keep your clothes clean, but making the switch to chlorine-free detergents could save you money as well as keep your family safe. This is especially important if you have small children in the house.
Shower Filter

You already know that chlorine dries out your skin, so why would you want it in your shower water? This is a relatively inexpensive switch to make, and can be a quick installation. Remember, your body absorbs more water through a shower than through a glass of drinking water.
De-Chlorinating Bath Ball

These bath balls not only eliminate chlorine from bath water, they act as water softeners, creating a safe bath environment for you and your children. Simple leave them in the water and wait a few minutes before stepping in.
Kitchen Sink Filter

Perhaps one of the easiest and most important fixes is your kitchen sink filter. These filters make chlorine removal easy and act as water softeners right in your kitchen sink.
Whole House Filtration

This is a bit of an expensive fix, but a necessary one regardless. Whole house filtration makes use of reverse osmosis to remove chlorine from every water source in your home. Not only is this beneficial to your family’s health, it can last much longer than a shower filter or a sink filter alone.
Chlorine belongs in the pool, not in your drinking water. The importance of chlorine removal from your home simply can’t be stressed enough, and these simple solutions can make it an even faster process for you.

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April 2024
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