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Best memory foam mattress

Sleep seems like such an ordinary thing. It is an activity that we spend many hours of our live doing. It is an activity that is required for our health and our daily energy levels. Yet, many people struggle with getting a good night of sleep. There are numerous causes for poor sleep, but the biggest contributor is a poor mattress. You spend more time on your mattress than anywhere else in your house, so it is important not to give up quality.

Mattress for firmness preferences

Mattresses are made out of all different types of materials. Some mattresses are more firm for those who prefer more of a foundation. Other mattresses are softer, usually with pillow top or feather type cushions for those who prefer a soft sleep. Then there is an entire population of people who prefer something more in the middle. It can be difficult to gauge your specific firmness preference from simply lying on a mattress in a store for a couple of minutes. For this reason, many mattress manufacturers now offer firmness tests, customizable beds, and the ability to try out a mattress for many nights before purchase.

With 92% of people saying that a comfortable mattress is important to a good night of sleep, finding a mattress that meets your individual definition of comfortable is important. To avoid purchasing a mattress that you later find to be unacceptable, take advantage of mattress trial times. Also, consider getting an adjustable mattress for a bad back. The adjustable mattress allows you to change the bed?s firmness based on your daily comfort level.

Temperature controlled mattress

Another common cause for poor sleep quality is poor temperature control. Studies show that people sleep better when the temperature in the house is cooler. However, this can be difficult to achieve, especially in warmer climates. If you find yourself waking up regularly because of temperature concerns, consider going with a mattress for a bad back that also has cooling properties. Further cool your room with ceiling and table fans.

Pain control mattress

Chronic pain conditions and the inability to get comfortable before sleep prevents quality of sleep. If you experience pain in the middle of the night, you may need a mattress for a bad back. The best mattress for a bad back will actually depend on the pain condition and needs. Those with tight back muscles may find that a softer mattress is more comfortable, while those with pressure points in the back and legs may find a pressure relieving mattress to be more beneficial. A luxury mattress brand is not as important as finding something that fits your unique needs in a mattress for a bad back.


If you are not yet ready to replace your mattress, you do not have to give up your quality of sleep. Although mattress toppers are not as efficient as high quality mattresses, they can improve the conditions of a worn out and uncomfortable bed. A top foam mattress, for example, uses a large cushioned pillow atop the mattress. Purchase a cushioned pillow top mattress topper to achieve a similar feeling and an increase in bed comfort.

If you are still attempting to diagnoses the cause of your sleep troubles, mattress toppers can be very cost effective in lieu of purchasing a brand new mattress. Temperature controlling toppers and bed linens can also help to establish temperature problems contributing to quality sleep. Mattresses usually have a life span of about 7 years. Experimenting with these types of bedding items allows you to evaluate your needs better and prepare for your next mattress purchase.

Sleep quality is a huge problem. Half of Americans (48%) say they do not get enough sleep, but less than half of them take any one specific action to help them get better sleep. Many cases of troubled sleep are caused from a poor quality of mattress, as well as temperature issues. New technology and designs of mattresses account for these problems and many mattress manufacturers allow you the ability to test out a mattress before every purchasing it.

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June 2024
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