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Wedding tents for rent nj

Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding reception, family reunion, or any other kind of event/function finding tent and chair rentals can be one of the most frustrating aspects of planning. First you have to determine a close estimate of how many people will be attending, what the weather will be like, and any other party equipment rentals you may need. Once you figure all that out, then you’re left to find an appropriate place to get it all from.

Depending on what the event is will determine a lot of these answers for you. For example weddings are obviously one of the most expensive events to plan for. The average cost of a wedding reception alone in 2012 was about $13,106. The entire wedding itself cost closer to $27,000. Many people will enlist the help of wedding planners to assist them in planning for this kind of event (about 48%) but for those that are doing it all themselves picking the right tent and chair rental service is crucial.

Here are three qualities everyone should look for when deciding where tent and chair rentals should be acquired from.

  1. Quality of Products: Quality is important in virtually everything in life, and the items you’ll be sitting on and taking cover under are no exception. Tent and chair rentals might seem mundane, but there is actually a lot to choose from. Some places offer chair cover rentals and tent accessories while others offer just the basic items. Ideally, you’ll want to inspect the potential rental equipment before you decide so you know exactly the type of stuff you’ll be getting, but that’s not always feasible. This is when checking reviews, getting referrals, and any other type of research you can find on rental companies can help big time.
  2. Timeliness and Availability: Some rental services will overbook their equipment potentially leaving you in a jam when it comes time for your event and they don’t have the tent and chair rentals they said they would. This is a clear red flag of a poor rental business and a clear sign to take your business elsewhere.
  3. Exceptional Customer Service: As with any service part of the process is dealing with people and coming to an agreement. If the customer service of the rental people is sub-par, there’s a good chance their equipment is too. Even if they have the best stuff, do you really want to give business to a company that can’t respect its customers enough to provide good customer service? That’s a decision only you can make.

Party planning can be incredibly stressful, but also fun and exciting. Keep these tips in mid when choosing a rental service to help make the experience better.

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May 2024
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