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More than 10% of Americans over 65 use canes and 40% of those over 85 use other mobility devices including canes. Some, about 22% use canes because of osteoarthritis, but there are a variety of reasons people need them. No matter what you reasoning is, finding the right cane for you is vital, not to just your safety but also to your success in using the can regularly. This is where a carbon fiber cane can come in handy. Read below to see the benefits of this kind of cane, what makes it different and see why it works.


Choosing a carbon fiber cane means that the cane will be significantly lighter and weight much less compared with other metals, such as aluminum. Carbon fiber for walking canes makes them easier to use, carry and store when not being used. This can make accessibility easier for those who need to use the cane all the time. They are easier to get in an out of vehicles for those traveling and making multiple stops.

Lasts Longer

Although a carbon fiber cane is lighter than other metals that canes are typically made of, that doesn’t mean this one is any less durable. Choosing a cane made of this means that you cane will actually last longer than if you chose a cane made of aluminum or metal. This is beneficial to those who are on a fixed income and those who wish to buy something once, and have it last for many years to come without them having to worry about replacing it.

Covered by Insurance

Many insurance companies cover these types of canes making them more accessible to those who need them. Be careful and ensure that you get your through a reputable dealer, rather than someone who is looking to take advantage of others, and you should be fine. Research to find the best carbon fiber cane you can, and work closely with your insurance to make sure that you get what you want.

There are many options when it comes to canes and other walking and mobility devices, so choosing the right one is important. Do your research and take the time to try some out. Get a feel for them to see which one you like best and which one you feel most comfortable with. You may be surprised that you actually like a completely different cane than what others prefer.

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June 2024