Finding The Right Sleep System

Sleep system

A good night of sleep can be the simplest solution to our day to day worries. Problems can seem bigger, obstacles higher, and setbacks more crushing if we spent the night before tossing and turning and not getting the sleep we need. Unfortunately, for many people, high quality and restful sleep can be an elusive thing.

A variety of sleep systems are available, each championing numerous external methods to help sleepers relax, recharge, and ease nighttime uncomfortableness, but choosing the right one can be a challenge. Considerations such as space, budget, and even the comfort of your spouse can all factor in to your decision.

Flat mattresses are often demonized for their supposed incompatibility with the curvature of the normal human spine. But with the simple addition of memory foam or deep pillowtops, these mattresses can provide much more uniform support for sleepers, and may alleviate some back problems often associated with regular flat mattresses. Angled cushions or extra pillows are another common addition to standard flat mattresses to try to conform more to a sleeper and their spine.

Rather than adding cushions or pillowtops, one could switch to an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds are a sleep system designed with an emphasis on flexibility. Both the head and foot of the bed can be raised and lowered, resulting in hundreds of combinations of possible positions. Such a selection of angles may help a sleeper find the perfect position to reduce tossing and turning, which may in turn help them sleep much more soundly. Controls are often easy and convenient to use, and some models offer optional heat and massage capabilities.

But what about your spouse? What if he or she sleeps just fine? Either sleep system mentioned, whether a flat mattress with added support or an adjustable bed, can easily allow for two separate sleeping environments. A foam support can obviously be fitted to only half a flat mattress, and many models of adjustable beds exist that offer split sections, each adjustable independent of the other.

Choosing the right sleep system can be hard. But if the effort results in a better night of sleep with fewer aches and less tossing and turning, it could very well be worth your while.