Blanco SuaveHi, my name’s Bernard Suave. You might be here because you’re anxious or confused in social situations. I was once the same way. When walking into crowded rooms of unfamiliar people I’d have nothing to say. When I was out on a date I’d have nothing to say. When walking the dog with my buddies I’d have nothing to say. When calling my mom I’d have nothing to say. When I was by myself I’d have nothing to say. One day I realized I hadn’t spoken in a week and I decided it was time to change my tune. I wrote up pages upon pages of conversation starters and I practiced them in the mirror whenever I had a spare moment. Soon I was not only able to start normal conversations on a nearly daily basis, I was also able to smooth over awkward pauses in group conversations by introducing fascinating new topics to talk about. My friends, now life is good.

If you find yourself facing the same problems I used to, then the blog could hopefully come to your aid! Take a look around and feast your eyes on the wealth of engaging conversation starters contained herein.

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